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Plant Operations & Safety

Several KCI staff personnel have served the utility industry in Plant Operations and Safety areas over many years.  We understand the importance of having a detailed understanding and familiarity with current and past NRC regulatory requirements and practices.  We incorporate the knowledge of individual license bases and maintain close interaction with our clients on a broad range of technical issues.  Through our regulatory feedback program, KCI evaluates and provides comments, where appropriate, on NRC proposed rules, regulatory guides, and other regulatory documents.

  • Technical Licensing Positions
  • Independent Safety Design Review – Nuclear Safety-Related Design Documents
  • Maintaining FSAR Record of Changes
  • Maintaining Changes and List of Materials to Fire Hazard Analysis
  • Supporting Evaluations Under 10CFR60.55(a) and 10CFR21
  • Supporting Evaluations of Safety Issues Identified in NRC Generic Letters or IE Bulletins and Information Notices, including Utility Originated Changes
  • 10CFR50.59 Evaluations
  • FSAR Updates per 10CFR50.71(e)
  • Environmental Qualification per 10CFR50.49, IE Bulletin 79-01 through 01B Regulatory Guides 1.89 and 1.79, and DOR Guidelines
  • Supporting Material Substitution Programs and Industry Activities
  • Fire Protection Studies Relative to 10CFR50.48 and Appendix R Backfits
  • TMI Lessons Learned Implementation Evaluations
  • Power Uprate
  • Steam Generator Replacement Support
  • Containment Purge
  • 10CFR21 Evaluations (Modifications)
  • Developing Responses to IE Bulletins and Generic Letters and Review of IE Information Notices
  • Plant Technical Specifications Reviews
  • Emergency Preparedness Support
  • Owner Initiated Utility Assessment Support
  • Twenty-Four Month Operating Cycle Support