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Constellation has been a continuous KCI client since the inception of its consulting practice. Numerous projects are completed in a consistent, dependable manner and a true partnership approach is employed to achieve positive results.  Constellation is a leading advocate for EQ predictive analysis of selected components in its nuclear fleet with significant demonstrated cost savings over the course of its existing operating licenses.  For example, KCI has been instrumental in assisting Constellation with station project mods that update certain operating system designs for water treatment.  10 CFR 21 modifications include 50.59 evaluations, 60.55 support evaluations, 50.49 environmental qualifications, and 50.48 designated studies.   Project management execution during planned station outages at Constellation Fossil facilities is a notable strength for KCI.  Finally, KCI’s expertise in performing detailed engineering calculations for relay settings assists our client in meeting current requirements mandated by PRC’s and the NERC.  

Constellation Diverse Business Empowerment (EDBE) 2020 Annual Report

In 2020, Constellation added KCI, a certified Asian-owned business, as a
Tier 1 Specialty Engineer of Choice.  KCI had been a Tier 1 supplier for general engineering services, but for their specialty is equipment qualification.  Constellation  included KCI in the bid process for specialty engineering work at its nuclear plants and ultimately awarded KCI the contract.  As a Specialty Engineer of Choice, Constellation will award additional work to KCI for equipment qualification and other services at their plants.