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Constellation Nuclear 
“America’s leading provider of zero-carbon nuclear energy, with one of the cleanest and low-cost power generation fleets. Constellation’s 21 nuclear reactors are highest reliability, clean, zero-carbon stations that serve more than twenty million homes and businesses with clean energy through six operating companies.
Constellation Fossil 
Their diverse Fossil generation portfolio includes over two dozen hydroelectric, ultra-clean natural gas combined-cycle turbines, wind, and solar stations totaling over    12,000 MW’s with best-in-peer-group lowest emissions for NOX, SO2, and CO2.”

Bruce Power

Bruce Power is “a leading supplier of medical isotopes that are used worldwide in life-saving cancer treatments and sterilization of medical devices.”  Its eight nuclear reactors furnish 30% of Ontario’s electricity demand, 6400 MW's, by producing safe energy with zero carbon emissions.

Southern Company

Southern Company serves 9 million gas and electric utility customers in 6 states and operates three nuclear generating plants in Alabama and Georgia. Its operating companies are responsible for over 27,000 miles of transmission lines and 3,700 substations. They are a key partner in providing a seamless charging grid for the emerging electric vehicle (EV) market segment.

PSEG Power

Public Service Enterprise Group operates a fuel-diverse power generation fleet consisting mainly of nuclear and natural gas plants, with a growing renewable energy portfolio.  PSEG operates five nuclear power plants in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that provide over 90% of the carbon-free electricity demand in New Jersey.


American Electric Power
NextEra Energy
DTE Energy
Xcel Energy