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Civil & Structural Engineering

KCI maintains a network of experienced personnel who have served the utility industry in
Civil/Structural areas that meet client needs which require traditional Civil / Structural Engineering and Design solutions.  Our team also includes many individuals that possess highly specialized skills to effectively execute the most challenging client projects.

  • Systems & Component Design / Modifications / Evaluations
  • Structural Evaluations & Designs of Steel and Concrete Structures and Structure and Equipment Foundations
  • Seismic II Over I Interaction Evaluations
  • Seismic Analyses
  • Equipment Seismic Qualification including Commercial Parts Dedication (STERI, SQUG)
  • BWR Mark I Analysis
  • Containment Analysis
  • Heavy Loads / Lifting Device Design
  • Load Drop Evaluations
  • Spent Fuel Pool Integrity Evaluations
  • Tornado Evaluations
  • Building Design
  • Pressure Vessels
  • ECCS Strainers
  • Finite Element Analyses Design Verification and Evaluations