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Power Generation

KCI’s long history of experience in the power generator market includes clients in the Fossil & Renewables power generation sector.  Our areas of expertise include: Fossil, natural gas & oil-fired combustion turbines, hydroelectric, wind and solar energy.  KCI is a leader in:

  • Electrical protective relay set point calculations and thru-fault testing
  • Challenging Electrical and I&C problem solving
  • Fast & Cost Effective Design Analysis, Modifications and Calculation

KCI is your secure choice with a proven history for cost effective on-time, on-budget performance. The following is a summary of our expertise and capabilities:

  • Design
    • A/E Calcs, Mods, Analysis & Inspections
    • AC & DC Electrical Power Systems Analysis (using ETAP & others)
    • CAD and drafting services
    • Engineering Change Packages (ECP)
  • EQ
    • Demonstrated accuracy
    • Digital/Modernization modifications
    • Relay Set Point calculations
  • Operations
    • High Voltage In-Service & Thru-Fault Testing
    • Outage Management services including scheduling & documentation, and utilizing OEM certified technicians
    • System/Component Full/Scaled Testing
  • Projects
    • Client Oversight
    • DCS turbine controls optimization
    • Demolition and Abatement Services
    • Hydrogen Safety
    • Winterization Resiliency
  • Regulatory
    • Protective electrical relay compliance to NERC PRC standards
      • 019-2:Coordinating Voltage Regulating Controls and Protection
      • 023-4: Protective relay design and settings
      • 024-2: Generator Frequency and Voltage Protective Relay Settings
      • 025-2: Generator Relay Loadability

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