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Electrical Engineering

KCI and its supporting companies offer a full range of electrical engineering and design services including advanced technology projects for the utility industry, thus providing one comprehensive source for your needs.  These services have been applied to the design of new nuclear-related installations, the expansion or upgrade of existing nuclear facilities, or the specialized calculations and analyses of existing system operations.  Advanced computer technology is available to aid in the precise analysis of low to super high voltage electrical power systems.  In addition to the traditional engineering and high technology scopes, our team is directed toward performance improvement programs and industry issues.

  • Conceptual, Detailed Design, Specification, and Procurement Services
  • Short-Circuit Studies
  • Protective-Device Coordination Studies
  • System and Equipment Grounding Studies
  • Surge and Lighting Protection Studies
  • Voltage Studies
  • Motor Starting Studies
  • Reliability Studies
  • Energy Efficiency Studies
  • Analysis of Auxiliary Electrical Systems
  • Tray Overload
  • Testing & Support