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Fossil Power

KCI and its associated companies also possess unique capabilities to assist clients in the Fossil market, with a focus on natural gas and selected oil combustion systems.  These capabilities include consultative approaches to evaluating various applications for chemicals & industrial gases, outage management services, and total cost of ownership (TCO) evaluations.

  • KCI and its experienced network of engineers are adept at performing Outage Management services at combustion turbine plants, including efficient documentation utilizing OEM certified technicians
  • KCI, through its Industrial Technology Group – KCITG - maintains full EPC capabilities to assist clients with substation and distribution systems design, construction, and full commercialization.  We have performed a wide range of projects involving, for example, 69/138KV to 15KV substations with full local utility interconnects.
  • KCITG also has capabilities for designing, engineering, and building small and medium-sized electrical generation plants up to 250MW as well as combined cycle cogeneration plants
  • KCI retains experts in performing relay setpoint calculations that assist power generation clients in meeting upgraded compliance criteria with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and in fulfilling Protective Control Standards (PRC) requirements